Technology Partners

RAZR Technologies has formed Technology Partnerships with leading virtualization and security platform vendors, as well as hardware, network and storage infrastructure providers. For an overview of these partnerships, click here.

Channel Partners

RAZR Technologies offers multiple Channel Partner Programs, which allows Partners to come into our Channel Network in the fashion that best suits their business and/or allows them to expand their business model and offerings.

Consulting Channel Partner: Consulting partners are able to sell our consulting services directly. We would support their sales efforts, customer communications and of course implement the services. This allows the partner to expand their portfolios and diversify their offerings without having to enlist the direct expenses of getting up to speed or adding the staff to handle the work load. Additional, we are able to coming alongside those partners who do have the staff onhand but need additional assistance getting the work implemented or need another perspective on the project.

Training Channel Partner: Training partners have access to our full suite of classes, courseware, certifications and trainers. They are able to host their own class at their own facility, client’s site or even online. We work together to bring the students a great training experience. We support our partner with sales training and support so that they can get be sure they can get the most amount of students in a class. We are committed to providing our partners with a great overall experience with our classes.

With a proven expertise in deploying successful, effective virtualization and security projects along with great training classes, RAZR Partners can provide a wide degree of assistance in all phases of assisting client’s in building virtual environments and/or securing their infrastructure whether it be through consulting or training. RAZR Partners can be global, national or regional in scope, and can offer complete packages of training, software, hardware and services to support virtualization and security initiatives.

Distribution Partners

RAZR Technologies partners with Distributors around the world that supports our Channel Partner Network with value-added services, including, sales training and support, marketing collateral, and website consultation.