Security Solutions

RAZR Technologies has its roots in security, most all of our experts have been involved in security for more than 15 years! Our team uses the latest technologies available to create a more secure environment for your organization. Our team members have had the privilege of creating some of the most advanced hacks, pen testing techniques, security software, forensics and auditing techniques along with writing books, courseware and even a few videos! RAZR Technologies can help you with:

Penetration Testing

Is your company at risk of a security breach? RAZR’s penetration testing team consists of experts who will be able to test your environment and help show you current and potential vulnerabilities. Our team will work with you to be sure to address your unique concerns. Once the scope of the testing has been defined, our team will conduct the test and provide a comprehensive report on their findings. This report will also include recommendations on how to further secure your environment while taking into your business considerations.

Benefits from performing a penetration test:
  • Verifying that your security measures you have in place actually work
  • Identifying and prioritizing the mitigation of any vulnerabilities
  • Avoiding a system breach resulting in downtime or information lost
  • Making sure compliance requirements are met and avoiding resulting fines
  • Helping persevere customer loyalty and business reputation
Security Health Check (Audit)

Not sure you have all the proper security in place to protect your IT infrastructure? RAZR provides a Security Health Check that will review your current systems that you have implemented and help identify areas that need to be addressed. You will then be able to adjust your infrastructure based on what was found in the health check and what best fits your business needs.

Benefits of a health check:
  • Identifying any security weaknesses
  • Managing security priorities
  • Assisting in planning for future growth and security precautions
Compliance Verification

Is your business following the appropriate compliance laws? Do you know which compliance regulations apply to your business? RAZR’s team of experts can assist in working with you to make sure you have the proper security and procedures in place so that you meet the appropriate compliance regulations. Our team will work to understand your business and verify that you are adhering to the many different compliance regulations that may apply to your business.

Here are just a few of the compliance listings:
  • ISO27001
  • PCI

In need of a digital forensics analyst? Our RAZR team has done multiple forensics investigations and testified to those findings in court. Our team is able to work within a team of investigators or conduct an independent investigation. We have worked in a range of different digital environments from individual desktops to large corporation datacenters.

Are you looking for training in digital forensics? Our experts have also trained multiple law enforcement agencies and individuals in the methods and process of digital forensics from the desktops and mobile devices to virtualization environments.

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