Virtualization Solutions

RAZR Technologies is a leader in virtualization solutions, our team of experts was among first to develop a secure virtual infrastructure! We are continually taking advantage of performance enhancements, optimization, speed of deployment, ease of migration to the cloud, and the latest technologies related to security. Our intent is to prepare you for tomorrows needs and virtualization is the baseline for making that happen. Once the virtual layer is designed properly everything else will fall into place, making future growth very simple! RAZR Technologies can help you with:

Health Checks

Our experts can help you get the most out of your virtualization investment by performing a Health Check on your virtual environment. Since a virtual environment touches multiple different areas of your datacenter from the servers, the network, the storage and all the processes in-between, it is important that your environment is healthy!

Our virtualization consultants will work with your team in your environment. Our team will then be able to provide recommendations on the best practices for configuring, managing and maintaining your virtual environment. In the end your team will have an analysis of your current virtual environments’ health and a plan on how to address areas that will help optimize your environment and keep it at peak efficiency.

Benefits of a health check:
  • Optimize your virtual infrastructure’s performance
  • Maximize current resources through increased efficiencies and roadmap for future improvements
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices

Is virtualization right for you? Are you ready to take your current virtual infrastructure to the next step? Our experts can help you address these questions and more by performing an assessment on your current datacenter infrastructure. These comprehensive assessments will provide a view of your current datacenter capabilities, analyze the areas where virtualization would help save you money and set the stage to develop a virtualization implementation plan.

Benefits of an assessment:
  • Obtaining an estimate on potential cost savings from a virtualization project.
    • Future Hardware savings
    • Licensing Savings
  • Leveraging experts knowledge and experience to help make the best choices that fit for your unique virtualization environment needs
  • Demonstrate the areas where virtualization would help improve your organization’s infrastructure by improving server management, maximize uptime and streamlining deployment.
  • Ask about our Security Assessments for assessing the security of the virtual infrastructure environment
Design and Implementation

You have decided that virtualization is the right step for you…great! Now what? Our team has the knowledge and experience to design and implement a virtual infrastructure that will meet your unique needs. We work with your team to help identify your needs and current issues to help recommend the best design to address those immediate concerns while planning for your future growth.

We will implement a design so your infrastructure that will:

  • Provide a development roadmap for an entire data center solution
  • Minimize your operational costs by using process automation
  • Standardizing the infrastructure to help reduce overall complexity of the environment
  • Maximize your team’s efficiency

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